At Lay It Down we strive to minimise waste and its environmental impact wherever possible. We have sourced our products, packaging and service based on their environmental consciousness and will do our best to continue to minimise environmental impact wherever possible. Please reach out if you feel there is something we could be doing better.

Our Rugs

Our rugs are ethically made in China and are beautifully woven using a loom. They are made from a recycled cotton/polyester blend. You’re probably wondering what ‘recycled’ polyester is. Much similar to traditional polyester in that it is man-made, recycled polyester is made by breaking down used plastic that is processed and eventually made into a yarn. By using recycled polyester, we hope to lower the environmental impacts by diverting used plastic from landfill or from ending up in the ocean, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions (from creating traditional polyester) and reducing the reliance on virgin petroleum as a raw material

Our Packaging

We are proud to say that we are partners with Hero Packaging, meaning our satchels are completely compostable! We hope to eliminate the abundance of plastic packaging by using the Hero Packaging satchel mailers.
These satchels are made from home-compostable material (mainly corn starch and PBAT) which means you can place them in your compost bin as ‘brown’ materials and they will completely break down within 90-120 days!
If you don’t have a compost at home you can also take it to a composting facility to be properly broken down.If you are in Australia, you can find a composter near you HERE. 
Before you compost the satchel at home or take to a facility please remove any labels attached. 

Our Delivery

We have chosen to deliver your parcels via Sendle, Australia’s first 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping Service!