About Us

‘Lay It Down’ was founded in 2020 with the idea to encourage more people to get outside and be around nature. Just like many other Australians in 2020, we were entrapped by the lockdown brought on by Covid-19, and our only sense of freedom were the times we were allowed to be outside.


Not only did being outside feel FREE but it also encapsulated our gratitude for what we had outside our doorstep and in the world around us.


Being able to walk along the beach, run barefoot in the grass at a park, listen to the different bird callings at a nature reserve, smelling the fresh air, smiling at the random people you walk pass, picnicking until your cheese had melted, this was all a little slice of heaven in a storm of a year.  And this, is what brought us back to home.


We want to not only encourage others to grab onto the freedom already around them, but to create a space of home, where ever they go. We designed these rugs so anyone could create a space outside (or inside) where they felt free, inspired to play and create, and enjoy that little slice of heaven that they could turn to at any time.


Whether you are having a social gathering, creating a meditation space, enjoying the fresh air, creating amazing memories with friends & loved one, or just exploring the world, we hope our rugs can help you create the perfect vibe while you feel into the healing properties of being in nature.


We would love to connect with you and see the spaces you have created with our rugs. Feel free to connect with us directly by emailing layitdowninfo@gmail.com or tag us on insta @lay.it.down_


James & Kaylee